Broadband Boom Fuels IPTV Growth – Part 2

The most noteworthy aspect of the IPTV technology is that it brings new hopes along with added opportunities for the marketers. Moving a step ahead from the micro-mailing facility through Internet marketing, LeaseIPTV now offers marketers micro-marketing through addressable advertisements.

Like the Internet allows the online publishers the facility to promote their products and services through videos, the IPTV technology too offers the subscribers the advantage of conveying long-term revenues for niche video content providers. According to the Point Topic research findings, currently 15.5 million people subscribe IPTV services and among them 8.4 million subscribers are from Europe. Nevertheless, compared to the Internet, the IPTV technology is still in its formative years and the guesstimates regarding its subscriptions differ.

For instance, Informa estimates the worldwide IPTV subscribers to be 38.4 million between 2019 and 2020, while iSuppli projects the figure to be over 100 million during the same period. Get the details about how to booming internet marketing blog on the web. Macquarie IT is leading internet marketing company offering web designing, web development, search engine optimization, I-staffing services in Australia.

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